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University of Zambia: Schools

School of Education

The Principal objective of the School is to serve the educational needs of Zambia, through its departments, the School offers the following degree programmes:

  • School of Mines

    The School of Mines was established under the University of Zambia in 1973. The School was set up to produce qualified personel to work in Zambia's vast mineral sector, especially coppermining activities at the copperbelt. The School has as such played a major role in the development of resource personel for the Mining Industry in Zambia and the entire Southern African subregion

  • School of Medicine

    Welcome to the University of Zambia, School of Medicine web site. This site provides the academic and research information about the School. It also provides links to other Department within the University as well as other related international sites

  • School of Law

    The Zambia Legal Information Institute (ZamLII) was established by the Law School of the University of Zambia in 1996, in partnership with Zamnet. It has received important start-up assistance from the Legal Information Institute of Cornell Law School

  • School of Agricultural Sciences

    The School offers five undergraduate programmes of five-year duration leading to the degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences. These include: Agricultural Economics and extension, Animal Science, Crop Science, Land management and Food Science and Technology.

  • School of Natural Sciences

    From the outset Natural Sciences has been an admitting School, that is, University entrants could be admitted directly to its programmes. It is still necessary for candidates intending to study Engineering, Medicine,
    Mining or Veterinary Medicine to be admitted initially to the School of Natural Sciences and to complete successfully the first year of study in the School.

  • School of Humanities

    The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the foundation Schools of the University. It has been offering degree programmes since teaching commenced at the University in March 1966. It incorporated into itself the
    former Oppenheimer College of Social Services and used to offer the diploma in Social Work programme that originated in the Oppenheimer College.

  • School of Engineering

    Vission: "to be an educational community that inspires creative and critical thinking and to become a centre of engineering excellence"...

  • School of Veterinary Medicine

    Since its inception in July 1983, the school has been addressing the critical shortage of qualified veterinary personnel in the country. The first class of 14 students was admitted in October 1983. With the co-operation of the Government of Japan, the construction of a large and well equipped School began in February 1984 and was completed in 1986.

  • Directorate of Research & Graduate Studies

    The University of Zambia set up the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies in order to enhance its image as a premier academic and research institution of international standing. The Directorate’s vision is to be a centre of excellence in research and graduate studies that will contribute to the dissemination of new knowledge in Zambia.